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👋 Hi everyone!

👩‍💻 My name is Concha and I am an English to EU Spanish video game translator with +10 years of experience. I am also part of the Warlocs collective of localizers.

I have worked on +90 projects, including 🏴‍☠️ Return to Monkey Island, 🧠 Psychonauts 2, 🤖 13 Sentinels, and 🎈 Thimbleweed Park.

I ♥️ adventure games!

#introduction #localization #translation

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This platform seems decent for actual discussion which t’other place never was so I’m going to try something - open #GameWriting questions. Please reply with your ideas, and reblog to widen the net!
First up, semi-topical: banter. Most games feel they need to have it, but it’s often awkward, weirdly paced, or interruptive. What games have done it really well? What’s their secret? And can we ever tell stories via banter, or does it have to be disposable dialogue?

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Just to get a sense of my current followers. Do you host your own instance? (boosts welcome)

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on self-hosting and discovery 

one of the hardest things about self hosting isn't being discovered. it is DISCOVERING, as in finding posts by other people that interests you. I just realize I am following 1k people which is pretty extreme but even then I sometimes miss a lot.

This is probably one of the harder aspects of self-hosting. relays help a bit and I am looking forward to being able to re-enable them.

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Narrascope 2022 had a lot of great talks, and our Narrascope committee has recently finished uploading the talks to Narrascope's Youtube channel!

See all the talks in a single playlist - and why not start with this year's keynote, "5 lessons from 50 years of text games", by @aaronareed.

Link here:

Enjoy! #InteractiveFiction #GameDev #GameDesign #narrativedesign

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Here is another re- #introduction

I am an artist who makes #artWithOpenSource software. I am known here more for my #photography and #abstractArt but I actually make #contemporaryArt that sometimes also involves #creativeCoding that has been exhibited in various places, so below are some examples of that.

I am also a #FOSS / #FLOSS advocate and talk about production of #art and #education using these tools.

#mastoArt #creativeToots

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@Curator oh hey! I'm V and I write queer fantasy novels!

💀 BOOKS AND BONE: necromancy and secret libraries with ace romance

🎲 NON-PLAYER CHARACTER: non-binary autistic person joins a ttrpg group of other queer nerds and gets transported to the world of their game. And ace romance!

✨ KIN: A classless, homebrew friendly TTRPG -- the same one played in NPC, made real!

And various other stuffs, including blogging about gender thoughts. All can be found on my website:

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Laughing at the idea of Zuck seeing millions leaving Twitter, thinking it's the perfect opportunity for them to join The Metaverse, then having his low-poly avatar frown as they walk right on by and join some hippie-ass non-commercial thing.

Slowly beginning to refollow people after instance reboot. May take some time, but glad I've got things sorted out before the Twitter mass exodus happened.

By the way, what's going on with these days? Have had some issues in the past explaining my not-being-around-on-fedi-much.

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Hi, I'm a queer femme (lesbian-leaning bisexual) game developer and programmer. I've worked with some legends on programming games and also do my own and fiction writing. Feel free to follow on

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I'm a sucker for #UnityTips.

There have been multiple occasions in which I went "Oooh" after learning something new, browsing posts under that hashtag.

Still looking for that "here's how you can make UIs with a single click just by thinking very hard" one, though

Just to get a sense of my current followers. Do you host your own instance? (boosts welcome)

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hbomb and game industry 

the thing that was so startling to me is not 'the boss taking credit for the employee's work', it's that

i wouldn't have even thought to question that behavior, because it's *so normalized* in the game industry.|

think of your favorite game. do you know the name of the lead designer? do you know the name of the lead character artist? Never mind the actual people doing day-to-day labor, do you even know the names of the leads?

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hbomb and game industry 

anyway, all of which is to say:

* if you're in the industry, take credit for the work you've done.

* if you're in the industry, call out your co-workers who do good work.

* if you're a fan of games, learn who made the games you love, and look past the Big Name on the studio's letterhead.

* if you're a studio head, use your employees' *names* when you talk about work they did. not their title, not collective pronouns, but their actual names.

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Gift link to article:

The Visions of Octavia Butler

She often had to defend her choices. She was persistently asked, “What good is science fiction to Black people?”

To which she would typically reply: “What good is any form of literature to Black people? What good is thinking about the future, warning, pointing the way? What good is examining the possible effects of science or social organization or political movements?”


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I have a request.

Bad actors will soon figure out - if they haven't already - that setting up impersonations of important organizations now will allow them to set off an explosion of chaos and confusion at a time of their choosing.

So if you run an account for an organization (especially #LGBTQ), please set up link verification between your Mastodon account profile and your organization's website.

If not, please boost.

Instructions are here under "Link Verification":

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just a small reminder that while favorites are great it is boosts that actually make information propagate to other servers. #feditips

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will finish today's #oldPosts with a #caturday edition

a stray cat taking a break on grass. Photo was taken in 2005, Istanbul Turkey

Edited using #darktable and posted in 2017 to mastodon as part of #editBacklog

yes there is a color channel swap (magenta-green if I remember correctly)

#photography #creativeToots #cat

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Who has recommendations for a good instance for me to move to? I'm broadly a conlanging, language, and tech-y person.

Ideally looking for an instance that sets a relatively high bar for defederating, while still maintaining good moderation locally.

A lot of conlangers seem to have gone to Wandering Shop, but I want to, err, shop around.

In the long term, I want to self-host, but that's not going to happen this year due to lack of energy and time for dealing with the inevitable headache.

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