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a trans woman @bubbline made this fantastic little game: "Hogwarts Legacy Purchase Simulator"

its really neat.

(its free, short and you dont have to download anything)

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We are recording our Colossal Cave Adventure episode tomorrow night. If you have thoughts on the game and would like to send an email or voicemail to be played/read on the show, send it to us at

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Hey, you! Want to play a fun game about visiting your abuela in the swamp and gathering roots for her cooking?

Then play SWAMP STEW, created for #GlobalGameJam2023

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Apart from that, one of my major interests are tabletop role-playing games - another form of oral storytelling which IMO is a worthy successor to the oral storytellers of old.

(And I would appreciate it if people spread this post to TTRPG spaces. My old account was on, and I lost several hundreds of followers from when the admins there temporarily defederated that instance...)

#ttrpg #dnd #pnpde #pathfinder

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I've been TDD for so long that it surprises me when people aren't in that mindset. Like we're from different planets or something.
They: Please check out my pull request
Me: Looks good, but where are the tests?
They: Nothing to test, I fixed it.
Me: ... your code change fixes something that was broken, right? Write the broken scenario as tests?
They: It's not broken, I fixed it.
Me: Who asked you to change the code?
They: Bob.
Me: So whatever Bob was complaining about -- reproduce that in the test suite?
They: How can I write tests when I already fixed it?
Me: The whole point of TDD (Test Driven Development) is to (1) write the tests first based on whatever you're trying to fix. Those tests will fail. (2) Then you change the code until your tests pass.
If you jumped and did step 2 first then start a new branch to go back and write step 1? Now you have failing tests. Merge your step 2 branch in, and now your tests pass.
Does that make sense?
Without tests we have no idea if we're expecting Bob to be happy or not?
And idiots like me, working on other things, will break Bob's problem again and have no idea we did it. Because there were no tests to show me that I broke Bob's thing? :)
They: Sure. I will add the test case as you suggested.
Me: 👍 The tests are more important than the code. 🙂 ❤️

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I'm tired of playing life on survival mode, how do I switch to creative?

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It should become clear why Black folk can't seem to build generational wealth in the United States.

This failure is not something intrinsic in the makeup or behavior of Black people.

This failure is baked into how Black people in the US are treated. In other words, racism.

Black folk cannot just "bootstraps" or "education is the key" or "LLC Twitter" or "Hustle, grind, put in work," their way out of this reality. We need to address the racism head on. And we can't do it alone.

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Once we accept the facts that:

* Civil Asset Forfeiture exceeds all other forms of burglary in the US (Black folk are disproportionately targeted).

* Eminent domain has stolen hundreds of billions of dollars of value. (Black neighborhoods are the most common targets).

* Wage theft is one of the largest categories of theft (Black folk are disproportionately targeted for wage theft).

* Prison labor is the only form of slavery allowed by the US constitution (Black folk are unfairly targeted).

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Why do white Americans learn about the dozens of wealthy Black towns that were destroyed by racism, from:
* Fictional TV shows made by HBO
* Black women comedians (Amber Ruffin)
* Random Black dudes the post on the internet 🙋🏿‍♂️

Instead of from their history text books?

Again folks will ask "Why was I not taught this in school?" And again, I will say, "You know why." Look at what DeSantis is doing. Look at what the Texas Board of Education has always done.

This is the Forbidden Knowledge(tm)! 🤫

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Happy #BlackHistoryMonth !

I'm still not ready to talk about Black history. I want to talk about white US history.

Q: "Why don't Black people build any generational wealth? Newer immigrant groups seem to be doing just fine? Must be a lazy and shiftless people!"

A: Because for most of US history, white folk have *intentionally* destroyed the wealthiest Black neighborhoods in the US and stolen all the wealth.

Greenwood. Allentown. Seneca Village. Rosewood. Freedmen's town.


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Ecomodernism is the ideology that climate change is not such a big deal and people should relax and also the only way to solve this catastrophe is through the construction of new nuclear power plants; moreover, the low construction costs of state-led plants in South Korea (and historically France) shows that the best way to build new nuclear power is by VC-funded American entrepreneurs.

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A staunchly illiberal politician is ruthlessly pursuing his authoritarian agenda. Yet what the New York Times wants us to take away from the situation in Florida is that he’s taking on the “establishment” and successfully building “his brand.”

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Taking a break from IGF games to talk about the new Colossal Cave (3D graphical game, VR optional) from Roberta and Ken Williams.

I enjoyed checking it out, but wow, some of that 1970s design had not aged well -- by the 1990s.

#Games #Reviews #Adventure

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Is there an accepted mathematical notation for talking about probabilistic set membership? For example, if I wanted to say that some set contains item A with probability .5 and item B with probability .2, is there a standard way to express that?

#Math #probability

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Here's an organizational hack I've used a few times which I think more people should try: run your own personal engineering blog inside your organization

You can use it as a place to write about projects you are working on, share TILs about how things work internally, and occasionally informally advocate for larger changes you'd like to make

Crucially: don't ask for permission to do this! Find some existing system you can cram it into and just start writing

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I was very impressed by all the background foliage animation in Hob's Barrow, and was happy that @barracudaegg named the program he used in the commentary (Juice FX)

So I got it this weekend and messed around - real pleased with the results. No more boring static foliage!

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With so many places having done layoffs lately, I wanted to mention the US Digital Service is hiring. It's a wild place to work, but also you get to work on legitimately meaningful projects that affect a lot of people (in 2022, we made it easier for transgender ppl to get passports, helped low-income families buy food, and I got to help identify disadvantage communities for environmental funding). I'm happy to talk about USDS if you're on the fence. #fedihire #fedijobs

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A social network is as strong as the edges in its graph. Boost posts, especially from newer faces, and boost often. Liking doesn’t lead to discovery on this platform! 🚀

I love fedi so much, I just wish I were more social and had more time to be on here. I never used Twitter and have on idea how to microblog.

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