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Who has recommendations for a good instance for me to move to? I'm broadly a conlanging, language, and tech-y person.

Ideally looking for an instance that sets a relatively high bar for defederating, while still maintaining good moderation locally.

A lot of conlangers seem to have gone to Wandering Shop, but I want to, err, shop around.

In the long term, I want to self-host, but that's not going to happen this year due to lack of energy and time for dealing with the inevitable headache.

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Tips for newbies: DON’T police CWs 

What if you dislike how someone uses/doesn’t use CWs?

- Mind your business—esp. if they don’t share your privilege.

- Unfollow. No need to inform them.

- If you want to follow or they get boosted a lot by your follows & you need a break, mute.

- If they seem toxic, block.

- Other cases: create filters w/multiple keywords as a just-for-you content warning you can expand when you choose.

- If you hate CWs, you can set your preferences to always expand them!

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Hello! 😺

If you are migrating from Twitter, maybe consider these suggestions:

🌻 Add your Mastodon handle (including the server name!) to your Twitter bio.

🌻 Kindly ask people in your network to do the same.

🌻 Use a tool like to find your Twitter friends on Mastodon again!

(Debirdify searches for Mastodon handles in Twitter bios)

✨This way, whole communities can rebuild themselves on Mastodon! ✨

#TwitterMigration #NewHere

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Mastodon has changed how I think. Twitter now seems like a server that doesn't want to federate with anyone else, and that everyone else has blacklisted. I'm in awe of how much sense that makes.

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Mathematicians turn every word starting with co into a shitpost. Go figure out what comathematicians do.

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Here's the other thing. The whole world is watching. They want to see if we can make this work.

Are we for real?

I know everyone who's sunk their heart and soul into building this is real.

I know everyone who's paid out of pocket to host an instance is real.

I know everyone who's built a supportive, genuine, and generous community is real.

This is real. Therefore we can make it work: a whole new model of building the Internet.

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I guess it's time for a new #introduction !

Hi! 👋

I'm Chris, from Italy and I work as a #programmer at Stuck in Attic (Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure).

Currently working on Near-Mage ✨ A #narrative game about an 18-year-old girl who visits her mysterious great-aunt in Transylvania, only to find out they both come from a long line of witches and decides to enroll in the Transylvanian Institute for Magick!

You can wishlist it now on Steam!

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So, I'm asking, as embarrassing as it is that I don't have enough diversity in my network to do it on my own:

Can you amplify this to help us find #francophone, #Black, #indigenous, and #Asian #Canadian people, able and willing to do the hard work of helping a group remember to take diverse needs into account at the offset, so we can make a good #SocialSpace for everyone from the get go?

If that sounds like you, bless you, could you let me know so we can get a conversation started?


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Some of my followers were excited to discover I worked on a couple of the #LucasArts remasters. I was contracted to do the #Linux ports (thanks @TimOfLegend & Matt!). We also used some of my artwork to officially promote/tease the releases, which was super cool!

I released sources for the placeholder "coming soon" app we used on Steam during testing

And here's an article about my experiences, with some insights from other porters as well


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Let's do an icebreaker. Respond to this toot with your favorite biome and why.

I'll start: I like tropical rainforests, because the trees are easy to walk among and they're always several degrees cooler than urbanized tropical areas.

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First post on a new social media platform! I will approach this moment with the solemnity it deserves


There we go. Hello, everyone. I have no idea what I'm doing here, but my posts probably won't get more intelligent than this.

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Hi! I'm Francisco, and I'm an #indiedev specializing in #pointandclick adventure games.

I've made the freeware Ben Jordan series, A Golden Wake, Shardlight, and Lamplight City. Right now I'm working on a Western called Rosewater. Nice to meet and re-meet you all!

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I've been kind of drafting together my own guide to #mastodon / the #fediverse for brand new people.

Folks that are new, what do you feel confused about?

Folks that have been here a while, what advice would you give new people?
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Hello! I’m making a mystery adventure game called The Crimson Diamond. Demo available on Steam!

For all social media / merch links and to subscribe to my newsletter, please visit

I also stream on Twitch on Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern

I'm still on hiatus; there's so much going on in my personal life that I can't keep up with social media. But my account is back online, and I do check DMs occasionally!

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I don't know what happened to Intercon; I haven't gone since 2016. On Birdsite, the social justice culture of the late 2010s-early 2020s was far more mature, having long turned the grifters into laughingstocks. People got that racism, homophobia, etc. are objective harms, not feelings. And it's these more mature people, usually POC, who now point out how the CWs-on-everything culture of much of Fediverse is an excuse for white people, straights, etc. to shut down open discussions of racism. /end

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I recently saw remnants of the social justice culture of the early- and mid-2010s, the one that both created the word "enby" and the enby flag and was also horrifically toxic, and the culture of CWs was part of that toxicity. I LARPed with a 95% white, 95% US-born crowd that thought itself woke and wrote cool experimental games about queerness and also didn't get that when in 2017 an immigrant says "I'm not sure I can make Intercon because of the Muslim ban," it's personal safety, not protest.

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So. About CWs and some social justice hypocrisy. Last weekend I was at #AdvX22, which had many good things (some good talks, a good game expo), but also less good ones. It was trying to be socially just. It led with a talk about designing games for disabled people. But the talk was bad - infantilizing, talking down specifically to autists - and came right after the con staff said that Britain is living with covid and therefore telling someone to put on a mask is harassment.

Also, -- hi, I'm Cidney. I'm a game developer who works on adventure/RPG games, mostly with Sierra Online alumni. I'm a big person and use FLOSS tooling where possible. Have been on fedi with varying degrees of activity since 2016, currently a single-user instance with varying degrees of stability. Feel free to say hi or follow!

Back from , and excited by how many people I know in the narrative gaming world seem about ready to abandon twitter. I've been horrible at self-hosting and microblogging, but may try to be more active.

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