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Hey folks, i need some recommendations for queer fiction!

Know of a good author making wonderful queer fiction? Let me know!

Im looking for diverse stories featuring queer characters, but i really wanna avoid sex scenes or sexually charged narratives (im too ace and traumatized for that).

I really love sci fi and fantasy novels and series, and just finished reading the Gideon the Ninth series. Bonus points if it features disabled and/or neurodiverse characters!

Boosts very welcome!

Finally *starting* to leave my shell. Channeling my energy into finishing my book, rather than fedi. But around. <3

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mh ~ / bipolar 

Honestly 99.99999999% of bipolar symptoms would be fine if they were just understood and society didn't treat them as scary and ostracize them. That just perpetuates delusion and anti-social behavior. We reject people if their mood is incongruent with capitalism. Most get this when people are depressed, but helping focus wild ass projects and energy into positive acts to be celebrated also needs space.

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covid, class, disability 

one of the things I have truly despised about covid as its been played out here, is how it has pitted disabled, covid vulnerable people against the working class. this has been a broad strategy of the right long prior to it and I could write on it extensively, but it really pisses me off that the two groups in the global north most susceptible to covid (either by higher exposure risk, or higher risk from or to the virus) have been pitted against each other so thoroughly.

Simplifying my website honestly seems to make everything better. I've updated it more today than I have in the last few months.

Experimenting with Meta's "new" Oculus Developer Hub and... is this just a wrapper for adb? I'm so confused.

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“Brian Eno on NFTs & Automatism”

“The idea that Ayn Rand, that Nietzsche-for-Teenagers toxin, should have had her whacky ideas enshrined in a philosophy about money is what is terrifying to me.”

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It's way too late at night, and this took far too long to write - but, here's my in-depth guide on my experience with turning my own music into karaoke, all with Free Software!


Overhauled my personal website; still debating whether it's worth even adding CSS at this point. Less psychological overhead to updating content.

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Specifically, I'm hoping to find a piece on HTML's history and successes and failures as a *document* language, not as an application language. (Boosts welcome.)

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Anyone know of a good retrospective piece on the successes and failures of HTML and semantic markup?

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Just Random Pol-Related Meta Thought, Not About You Personally 

I hope that folks who espouse anti-capitalist values stop and think before dismissing other people with, "Oh, ha ha ha you STILL use [supposedly archaic tech/platform/program/thing which may work just fine for that person and not cost them money they don't have]? How quaint!! NOBODY [who matters] does THAT anymore!"

The unspoken assumption was that if you're *just* using emacs as a text editor, you're Doing it Wrong. (I have no issues with mu4e, but this was a long time ago, and no idea what mail client they were using.)

I keep flashing back to a fight I had where they yelled "no, you don't understand, I can't just open gmail and send an email, I have to open an emacs buffer and it's AWFUL".

Watched most of the videos live this weekend. Many, many thoughts. I need to start a less micro blog.

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Less than 68 hours to go on my "learn to be a better writer" Kickstarter!

Everyone gets the book, an ebook of "Cash Flow for Creators," and essays on using footnotes and cliffhangers! Plus, some lucky backer gets an hour of coaching on their #writing!

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pol, libertarians, humor, almost certainly truth 

I don't often wax political on here, but I couldn't help but crack up after reading this.

From :birdsite: :


John Pavlovitz: In your own words, how would you describe Libertarians?

John Spalding: House cats. They are convinced of their fierce independence while utterly dependent on a system they don't appreciate or understand.

Watching the second day of talks, and wondering if it'd be insane to share my Unity/Emacs workflow. (It's something I see a lot of random reddit questions about, and I'm pretty sure I'm *not* doing it optimally. but hey it'd be cool not to be the only one.

I'm seeing a lot of posts about engineers over 35-40+ and am... curious about how little my experience as a 30-something femme matches up. I still get spammed by Big Tech recruiters regularly-- even after deleting my LinkedIn profile-- but exclusively for junior webdev roles.

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