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The main reason I'm making video games if that if I'm *naturally* good at the intersection of CS and psychology, at least I can manipulate people's emotions for consensual entertainment/artistic expression, not to "maximize engagement" with surveillance tech or other black arts.

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I want the loudest, most outspoken liberal LGBTQA+ person to run for office in Florida on the platform of doing exactly what this bill is trying to promote and see how quickly Desantis tries to get them knocked off of the platform.

Fuck this asshole.

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Have a voice actor lined up to help with post-jam version of entry! Now just need to be less sick so I can schedule a recording session.

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La petite mort ✨ 🌑

Working slowly towards smt decent... I can't wait to have it on the booze bottle (granted i'm very slow and we might have finished drinking it before) :^)

i'm feeling very anxious these days, but painting is one of the only things i have the energy for :')

Successfully wrapped up campaign today! Yay! :)

Now I need to get all my notes and future hooks organized, since the players want to come back to these characters/this world, but we all need a break.

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What is the best way for me to learn how to use #blind #accessibility options? I thought that I could get a better understanding of people's needs by experiencing how they use their computer.

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Need to actually set up a place to write a postmortem when I'm done. This has been a cool experiment for me; to just run on a regular schedule, even when not super-prepared.

Running the final session of my quarantine campaign this afternoon. This is my first getting over my social anxiety enough to run a whole 15-session campaign in under a year, so I'm pretty happy with things and how much it's meant to my household.

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An offshoot of the toots about iOS versus Android from yesterday: Why use something from a company or group that doesn't value you? Not you as an individual of course, but your needs as a user, disabled or not. FOSS is all pro-choice on the idea of if FOSS should be accessible to users with disabilities, so of course many choose to not support those people; it's human nature. Google has *shown* that they care much less about accessibility than other companies, so blind people mostly stick with the other choice: Apple. Meanwhile, many people consider the Mac to be a poor desktop environment for them, so choose PC, although the divide there is slightly less than Android versus iOS. So, the majority does, in the case of blind people, choose what is easiest to use. PC doesn't have the mess of interaction and object layers and such that the Mac does. iOS doesn't have the flat UI that means many more items on the screen to slog through that Android does.

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