The Fediverse should get rid of the addictive dark patternes that were copied from Twitter & co

Any rails devs looking for contracting work? We desperately need a rails person for a 6month engagement and we don’t have any rails devs (other than me) at our consultancy.

Was listening to ABC Radio National today. They had an interview by an academic who researches social media ‘influencers’ and their ‘managers’.

From what I could interpret, it is a very demanding and unforgiving part of capitalism. Influencers have to ‘work 24/7’, and there are cynical and complex strategies influencers can take in order to stage a comeback from being cancelled online.

The social media manager sounded quite stilted and conceited when difficult questions were put to them—they dodged questions about whether the industry was only really suited to young people, and, further, whether people were far too young (sometimes) to be having such a public persona.

This caused me to reflect on my own social media presence. I felt a little guilty that I have been so public here online. But I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I run my own server here, and I take every effort I can to make sure I am considerate of others. I think perhaps most of all, I am not selling anything to anyone here; this is, fundamentally, an anti-capitalist server that seeks to give refuge to any anarchist/communist who is willing to respect the rules of this server’s membership.

It does make me worried that our access to the internet has lead to such convoluted and toxic cultures of celebrity. It seemed not long ago that there was no such thing as a ‘manager’ for youtube celebrities, and perhaps in the grand scheme of things, there was no such concept of an ‘influencer’! Doesn’t that latter term sound so cynical and Orwellian? We seeming not to bat an eyelid that people are targeting us, trying to ‘influence’ us to buy things, think things, and act in certain ways!!

I still think celebrity is a toxic form of human culture that needs to be purged from everyday life. It extends from people selling pernicious forms of body image, all the way to old men like the british royal family’s (thankfully) late prince phillip. Some might regard it as a form of hierarchy, and others might regard it as a further degeneration of capitalist ideology.

But celebrity is nothing new. The first kind of modern celebrity could be argued to be someone like Goethe or Lord Byron whose novels and poetry made them wildly famous.

Anyway I have to go now, can’t complete this thought!

@cadadr Media critic vlogger, since way back in the 00s. Deleted her Twitter account after responses to a bad Avatar hot take blew up.

The April 1st update from Wadjet Eye Games is brilliant. Maybe not obvious unless you're familiar with or . But still brilliant.

Enjoying this little manifesto about the need for cooperative technology. I feel like there is a big awakening in the population to the need for community control of our infrastructures and now is the time to create the hyperstitional frameworks for these things to fall into place.

:ancom_heart: cooperativetechnology.codeberg

Hat tip to @cidney

@be @sam @kawaiipunk @cidney They wanted to go too far, but the revolution had egos, power structures and lowest common denominators it could not violate. These all culminated in Ataturk and the Republican People's Party. When the party willingly gave up power in '46, for the rest of the century Turkey oscillated between unstable centrist and right wing govts. The reason being, IMHO, that the top down revolutions were never internalised by a lot.


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@be @sam @kawaiipunk @cidney I live in an example of this. Ataturk's Turkey was initially a tainted but huge success, a big leap forward. But even in his lifetime and leadership the cogs of the huge change chewed and spat out a lot of good things. E.g. great authors like Nazim Hikmet and Sabahattin Ali were persecuted because they dared to disagree. These people weren't fundamentalists, they were part of the communist intelligentsia. Big revolution was too fragile for their nuance.


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@be @sam @kawaiipunk @cidney Aight, so this is a new thread, let's go on from here.

> Maybe top-down/bottom-up is a false dichotomy

Indeed, maybe that's too limiting a view.

What I originally wanted to expresss was, my observation is big monolithic movements have had successes but could not keep up.

When change emanates from a smaller but more "natural" source, it looks like it's more transformative.

Maybe it's inevitable power dynamics that mess things up.



more details about how fsf became unionized. I knew rms would fire people on a whim, but I didn't know about the pay raises and bereavement leave stuff. hoooooly shit.

@cadadr Definitely. By the time I was at MIT, rms had become a bit of a joke ("I invented emacs, will you sleep with me?"). I didn't directly interact with him, but know people he harassed.

I have complex feelings because by then there were lots of people who had... similar egos, but better game, and thought objections to hitting on undergrads half their age was "ageist".

Toxic cultures are hard to unpack.

@cidney I think part in this is everyone has their own negative interactions with him, including all the cis het collaborators.

Personally I've had little interactions with him, pushing a couple patches to emacs and some mails on emacs-devel@ and emacs-tangents@, and while I was not abused, it was so painfully obvious how harmful to FOSS and how annoying he was.

So everyone had a say and as usual the most "agreeable" folks got the tallest platform out of which they spoke the loudest...

Honestly, does anyone else feel grossed out and depressed over the last few weeks?

It feels like it devolved into stanning/dogpiling rms personally, which reduces... the people who were sexually harassed or edged out of FOSS into NPCs and rhetorical talking points.

I don't want to judge or condemn anyone, and have complex personal feels. I just want being femme and a dev to suck less going forward.

Would anyone be interested in having a call to discuss starting a software development co-op? 

@sam Yes! (Have front-end dev and design skills.)

@clacke @paoloredaelli Aspirational, maybe, but not unrealistic. There are FLOSS projects that already take this approach (valuing and welcoming contributions from non-coders), but AFAIK there hasn't been a movement around it yet.

It's coming up for midnight now and in less than 12 hours, NON-PLAYER CHARACTER is 66% funded and a Kickstarter Project We Love.

Can hardly believe the success today and know it would never have happened without all the kind and generous people sharing it around, backing it, and making a big fuss.

Thank you all so much!

Fingers-crossed it'll fund tomorrow!


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Can we fund @vicorva 's Kickstarter for her new novel on the first day?

It truly doesn't seem impossible!

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