How do you feel about voice acting in narrative games? Boosts welcome.

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@cidney i chose positive, but i require subtitles because my brain's a bit slow sometimes.

@cidney For me, it depends on that game, what it's trying to achieve and how it's written.

I think there's a big difference between fully voiced and partially voiced too (IMO, Disco Elysium was stronger when it wasn't fully voiced, but the partial voicework in the initial release did help establish and ground characters).

Voice fidelity can play a role too (KR0's indistinct voicework also helps establish characters while leaving a lot to/prompting imagination).

@Cheeseness I'm a fan of partial voice acting to establish character-- but only have room for so many options in the poll.

@cidney in the abstract i would've said i didn't need it, but a quick reminiscence of which narrative games i remember playing all the way to the end and which ones i distinctly remember tells me i have to vote critical

@cidney main exception: if it's mostly or entirely written text anyway, like twine or something

@cidney hm... there are some games where i
deeply appreciate the voiceovers--"loom" and "2064: read only memories"
come to mind--but in some games it's just distracting.

not sure if anything makes a difference besides "i personally think the
voice acting is good". perhaps a feeling that the voice is secondary to
the written text helps--both of those games were originally released
without voice if i remember correctly

@cidney to me the voice acting in A Plague Tale Innocence always stood out as really well done

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