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Good to know that we're still at the "but he didn't break any laws" phase of discussion of exclusivity in FLOSS.

(complex thoughts on rms, but yeah he never should be in any kind of public facing role, and this happening without the consent of members or affiliates, during LibrePlanet, is super slimy.)

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rms, meta, fanboys 

@cidney on the one hand, I didn't really enjoy the reporting on the central issue with why he was let go (it's a lot of things, not just some weird partial quote with muddy context), but just randomly bringing him back made me really question what the purpose of getting rid of him even was, if this all could happen so easily?

It's super disappointing.
@sean @cidney Yep, the worst part is that with his reinstatement it now doesn't have anything to do with RMS himself and everything to do with the FSF being poorly ran.
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