Is there a website, or art project, aimed at people trying to break a corporate social media addiction, reassuring them that they're not crazy for opting out and offering other resources for connection during a pandemic?

The equivalent of the manipulative "your friends will miss you!" landing page when deactivating Facebook, except in reverse.

(looking for something emotional, not logical. the logic isn't the hard part.)

It's probably not precisely what you're looking for, but just in case: this video from @techlore does talk a bit about the individual experience of the person making the video and discusses some emotional aspects besides all the logical arguments...
Sorry in case it ends up being very far from what you're looking for, it's all I got.

@cidney Something around "your friends never needed you"? Mhm, might be not the positive vibes people would expect :X

@cidney "Your real friends will make an effort to stay in touch." kinda thing?

@toydragon @cidney They won't necessarily, though. They might be disappointed you're no longer there, but not everyone's good at that kind of thing. (That “real friends” thing applies to most people, but one might have a few real friends to whom it doesn't.)

If you were to provide alternate contact details, though, that shores up that hole.

@wizzwizz4 @toydragon Agreed. Listing alternative coping strategies for FOMO is good; telling people it doesn't exist might feel like gaslighting.

@cidney Also: Tristan Harris might be doing something along these lines. If not as a specific project, as design / system guidelines.

@cidney I think the very act of liberating your personal data and taking ownership & responsibility can be therapy within itself.

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