Updated to the latest version of , thinking of doing some livestreaming of other people's games over the weekend. Anyone have a preference?

(Generally want it to be devs I have some kind of connection to, classic or contemporary indie. More suggestions of fedi gamedevs are welcome.)

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@cidney I love Betrayal at Krondor. It's pretty long though (or at least is the way that I play :D )

@Cheeseness I've never actually managed to finish it (keep losing momentum around Chapter 7). :) It's on the top of my list to play, but streaming it might be boring.

@cidney Not sure if it's helpful, but something I've come to appreciate is that different people find stuff boring, and what you focus on is likely to define who pays attention rather than to limit who finds your stuff accessible (maybe it also might influence how you have to put the word out in oeder to find those people, but there's still value in sharing stuff that aligns with your tastes/perspectives)

@Cheeseness I mean that Betrayal at Krondor involves lots of grinding and searching maps with primitive 3D graphics, and the plot advances slowly. :) It's relaxing to play, but might not be great for streaming.

@cidney Right. I guess what I'm getting at is that there are people out there who're up for that, and typically don't find much content because dominant perceptions about what works makes people less likely to do it.

I feel the same about programming and writing (since for me, the bulk of time is me sitting back to think/plan/reflect and I can't imagine that being interesting to watch), but when I stream those activities, people show up and appreciate it.

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