Does anyone know decent Indian news websites? The strike story is huge, fascinating, and... appears nowhere in Anglophone (or Francophone) news.

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@cidney There's a Jacobin article linked to in the first paragraph of the Wikipedia article, which in turn links to a number of Indian publications, including Fronline magazine from The Hindu,, and I don't have any local perspective on the salience of these publications, though.

@cidney I get a lot of construction cost data from various Indian sites, but I don't have consistent go-to ones. I've used The Hindu, The Indian Express, The Times of India, Hindustan Times/Mint, and The Free Press Journal.

@Alon Yeah. I vaguely know of Indian news outlets, like, but I don't know how to contextualize them. Would it be worth asking on birdsite for me?

@cidney Not really, figuring out media bias in India is complex and random American and European followers wouldn't know. Looking at all of the main papers should be fine, though - the issue is that sometimes a partisan press release in either direction gets reported as straight news by a stenographer.

@Alon My followers aren't exclusively American or European, though.

I get that media bias is complex, but I can figure out that headlines like "Angry Farmers Choke India's Capital in Giant Demonstrations" and "This Is A Revolution, Sir" have different political slants. :p

@Alon Oh, are you saying that the INT cap on birdsite means you can't talk about this there effectively?

@cidney Less INT cap than knowledge cap. My main worry comes from having read some article blowing farmer complaints about high-speed rail land takings out of proportion, because the HSR is a signature project for Modi and Congress is inventing reasons to oppose it.

@cidney I have no local expertise, but I shared an article in The Statesman after reading its description on Wikipedia.

"[The Statesman] is widely regarded as the paper to read for serious news reportage"

@tcit Oooh, thanks! I just checked Le Monde and didn't see anything about it, didn't research beyond that.

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