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Hi, I'm a queer femme (lesbian-leaning bisexual) game developer and programmer. I've worked with some legends on programming games and also do my own and fiction writing. Feel free to follow on

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Where are you on the political scale? Please boost wildly!* 😃​

(*) Yes I mean Wildly not just widely

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I want to render clouds under the feet of the player in VR, as if they’re standing on clouds. Do any of my Unreal friends know if this is easily achievable in #Unreal engine? (Ie. is this something possible to do with built in sky/clouds or should I look at either scrolling textures or volumetric stuff?) 5.0+ is fine.. I’m just starting to research this, so any help to get to the answers quicker will be totally appreciated! Thanks muchly.

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Done for the night! I came straight from soccer, which is why late and why soccer jersey and why no make-up! The shirt mostly got keyed out 😅. Thanks to @CanadianRage for the raid, I raided, who is playing KQ4! Long live EGA text parser adventure games!🎉

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@ajroach42 Yep, bigtime.

I'd had that realisation a few years ago. Turns out others had as well. Elizabeth Eisenstein, The Printing Press as an Agent of Change. Marshall McLuhan, Neil Postman, Robert McChesney, Chomsky, etc., etc.

Media is the nervous system of society. Change the nervous system, and you change the society.

We've had pre-oral cultures, oral cultures, written cultures, epistolary cultures, press-based cultures, newspaper culture. Telegraph, the telephone, the phonograph, radio, television, cable, the Internet, and mobile networking have all left their marks. Often highly disruptive at the time.

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The early explorers of the home video space understood it instinctively, and operated in that space.

TVTV used video as a way to speak truth to power.

Their documentaries about the DNC and the RNC, about the superbowl, about Guru Maharaji, all of them managed to cut through to the heart of a thing, to disarm. They were remarkable.

Guru Maharaji:

The 72 DNC:

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Our media becomes our culture.

The things we give our attention to become the central way through which we relate to one another and to the world around us, the lens through which we evaluate the events of our life.

Our media shapes our values.

This isn't a revelation. It's almost obvious.

But it's easy to forget.

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There was also the periodical Radical Software which is a fucking pain in the ass to try and read digitally because it was a broadsheet publication in an incredibly tiny font, and it's impossible to render it well on a computer screen.

I imagine it was also a pain in the ass to read physically.

It's full of the kind of New Age BS you'd expect, plus a wide eyed optimism that somehow manages to both Over- and Under-estimate technological progress, and to entirely miss the ways that the FCC (and the various governments of other nations) would obliterate the core of their movement.

But some of what they said? It's incredibly relevant today.

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The people who were in the thick of it saw the revolutionary potential this new medium had.

I throw around The Videofreex a lot, and I've talked about TVTV some recently, and there were other organizations.

They produced videos, of course, but they also wrote things.

The manual of the counterculture was Guerilla Television:

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The DV-2400 was followed up a year later with the AV-3400 / AVC-3400, which used the EIAJ-1 standard (which *standardized* the EIAJ-1 standard.)

The recorder could also play back, and could be connected directly to a TV.

It recorded for half an hour per tape, and would run for 45 minutes on it's battery pack. The footage was fine, nothing remarkable, but it was fine.

It was relatively affordable, relatively accessible, and way cheaper than shooting on film for any given production. It enabled people to create video and distribute it on a scale that had previously been impossible.

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Home video was introduced to the world in august of 1965 by Sony with the Sony CV2400.

It was a VTR for home use. It's only input was a camera, and the tapes it produced could not really be played back on other VTRs because there was no way to adjust tracking.

It was not a good product, it was not a useful product, and it was (most importantly) not a successful product.

*But*, it was a hell of a proof of concept and it was followed up in 1967 with the DV-2400 which included a portable camera and a portable Record Only VTR.

It was still not perfect, it still had some somewhat significant problems, but it worked, and it sparked a fucking revolution.

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In the meantime, I guess I'm going to do it without a university, and take a few years instead.

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I've been thinking about early home video art and early home video activism all day.

There is so much ground to cover here, and I am not prepared to cover it.

I almost wish I was affiliated with a university, so I could justify taking 6 months to write a history of Home Video.

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Failbetter's #MaskOfTheRose is incredible so far!! Everything is just so polished and lovely... interface, soundtrack, art. Some really lovely procedural narrative systems behind the scenes of a delightful authored storyline. Feels like what visual novels have always dreamed of being. Recommended!

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hot take re: VR / AR 

Remember 3D televisions and Pokemon Go?

Remember how long those lasted?


Frankly unless there's an absolutely killer application that literally _can not_ be done without VR then it's just sprinkles on other ideas.

Happy to be wrong but you know I'm right.

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I guess I should re-introduce myself. I'm Christine Lemmer-Webber, I'm co-author of the ActivityPub specification by which you are probably reading this message right now.

I'm also CTO of @spritelyinst where we're a 100% FOSS nonprofit building the next generation of decentralized networked technology for communities. It's cool shit.

High level intro to ideas:
Tech tour:

Chief cassandra complex haver of the internet. I like lisps and programming in them. Etc etc etc.

I'm also a queer translady. Don't forget that the queers largely built this place.

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Terrible Toybox is looking for a pixel artist to do tile art for my top-down action rogue-like thingy. Or is it rogue-lite? Or just rogue? Making games is hard.

I am genuinely on the fence about defederating from dot social (as a solo self-hosted mastodon instance for a game dev), since it very much creates a barrier to entry for newbies, but it's also... a moderation/curation nightmare.

Is there seriously a tribe of people that identifies as Mastodoners now? I am very confused.

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