Really grateful to Natalie Lawhead for sharing this experience. I feel much less alone. (I was believed and my abuser is no longer in a position to hurt newbies... but the aftermath has been brutal and dehumanizing to everyone. The truth is, to most people, your sexual trauma is porn. And that prevents people from speaking up, and is not okay.)

US culture, outsider 

In US culture, personality is immutable.
Growing up isn't about building something, it's about building who you have been anyway. You just have to "follow your heart". And here, heart means soul, in the most permanent way possible.
You are what you are, you will always be what you are, deep down.
You can't change


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US culture, outsider 

Think about it, in so many US movies containing a character with amnesia, most of mainstream will have the fundamental characteristics of that character won't change.
They're closest friend will still recognise some "typical" thing about them


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US culture, outsider 

I'm not of US culture, but I've grown watching and hearing a lot of it through a lot of media. Mainly mainstream shit

And one thing I just realised:
I hate how it is so essentialist


something very relevant to white people on the fedi 

"If you follow all the prescriptions of checking your privilege, unpacking your invisible knapsack, centering the marginalized, and excavating your deeply held white supremacist notions, you will absolutely positively have to break up with actual white people.

"You will love many of those white people. You will be related to some of them. You will, one day, be faced with seeing “whiteness” not in ideas but in people."

Hi all, I'm new so here's my #introduction/ #introductions.

I'm a 26 year old #artist who specializes in digital #art and #illustration. I like drawing weird plants and environments. I tend to spend hours painting the same details over and over again with tiny brushes.

The creative world can be pretty tough so I'm looking forward to hanging out with you all and helping each other survive/grow.

Sorry about the redraft, I noticed a sentence error and it bothered me.

Can anyone actually point to any recent cases of Google innovating and creating anything new without massively dropping the ball and abandoning it?

Like I hate Microsoft but they seem to be capable of creating new things and making them work well sometimesss. Google just seems to be a massive blackhole that sucks talented people into a cursed structure that miraculously nullifies the potential of thousands of incredibly intelligent, driven people.

Asking for a friend: can anyone name some examples of IF that work well for oral performance? Should:

* have a strong in-character narrator
* not be too long
* be light/comic

I'm trying to help my non-techy friends get to grips with using #element and to find #matrix chat rooms to join.

Here's a blog post which attempts to list a bunch of servers and public rooms.

Please, check it out, share it, and if you use Matrix - join some rooms.

as a person who works on internet technology and social network stuff my main advice for getting out of a productivity rut is to turn off the internet and social networks for a bit occasionally

Also: wow. Getting into the mindset of a severely depressed teenager made the whole early part click, but... I did not anticipate how much time and energy I'd need to detox, and remind myself that I haven't been a depressed teenager in a long time. (Even being a depressed adult is a million times better than being a depressed teenager. Adults have options and agency and things.)

Wrote some final scenes needed for Part 3 over the last few days; now starting on the rewrite of Part 4!

I really want to live in a world where things don’t... completely suck if you come forward as a survivor of sexual abuse or violence in the entertainment industry. >.<

i wrote a post
“Relax, babe. It’s just business.” – Game Journalism
on Stephen Totilo’s leaving Kotaku, and how Those In Charge managed to avoid responsibility for it because they're privileged enough to...

please read it and share.
this matters and you should stop ignoring this.

Wish we had more praxis for adults to be in political solidarity with minors who aren’t their legal offspring, but also there are pretty big legal and social barriers to that, at least in the US. Might have to discuss those barriers in detail before any solutions can be found.

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spicy take on fictional antiheroes/villains in fiction mass media 

in fiction, the gradual shift over time from "the protagonist is the most Good Guy" to "the protagonist is morally grey but we can sympathise with that" to "the protagonist is a villain but that's hot" correlates directly to Western hegemony's developing cultural understanding (and so rationalisation) of its own crimes as Protagonist Of The World

I keep underestimating how exhausting this was. My protagonist/1st-person narrator is a suicidal 16-year-old girl.The other principle characters are more outwardly functional, but in their own way much darker. Getting inside their heads, and getting out again safely, has been exhausting. But worth it.

I still need to rewrite most of Part 4 and the end of Part 3, but Parts 1, 2, and 5 are in pretty good shape. Maybe soon I'll have a real book and everything.

Oh hey, Part 2 is finished! (There was a pivotal scene that I kept not being able to connect with emotionally; now that I've worked it out, the rest just flows.

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