Congrats, Facebook Connect, on combining the worst things about in-person conferences with the worst things about virtual conferences.

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lookin for work [software dev or somethin] boosts appreciated 

hey what's up gamers one of my bosses is ghosting me so i am looking for work [sunglasses emoji]

I have a CV at and I am skilled with pretty much all the mainstream programming languages

I would like to be writing Rust for money but honestly I have rent to pay so, w/e

i am stuck in the UK for the next 2 years & i would like to work remote and my sleep pattern is Fucked so,, flexible hours? thank <3

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"This is a discussion that's going poorly, I know what will fix it, let's expand it to an immensely larger group of people!!!"

How often has this seemed emminently reasonable to you?

Boosts appreciated.

#MarketplaceOfIdeas #ConnectTheWorld #Conversation

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I really wish OSS communities would stop defaulting to Discord or Slack. Your software isn’t a lifestyle. I don’t want to live with the goddamn thing. I want a forum I can visit once in a while, not to take out an attention mortgage.

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(also, hi, fedi! have been fighting off severe depression and super-quiet lately. but all is well on gamedev front.)

New blog update from Ken about , including Roberta Williams trying out my prototype (eep!) with a VR headset! She doesn't like it yet but we are getting there.

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anyone done any foley/synch work on Linux? I'm interested in possibilities of establishing session workflow with editing facilities - so import export of formats that are compatible with video/film/picture editors (whatever they are using).

would anyone share their experience and links to possible floss software tools?

#foley #audiovisual #filmWork #videoWork

plz boost!

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Sometimes I wonder how different the U.S. would be as a democracy if our media spent as much time on day-to-day international news as they currently spend on celebrity gossip.

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20-year-long war: media silence

U.S. withdrawal from 20-year-long war: takes over full news cycle

(Also, good morning, fedi! I exist, I'm just overwhelmed.)

Trying to get back to novel-writing (has been seriously disrupted due to illness/new game).


(I get that the last draft was mostly big-picture structural and character edits, and I need to go back and redo the prose, but... aaaagh I don't know what I'm doing, why did I decide to write a book, aaaagh? this reads less like a real book than the first draft did, aaaagh.)

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I basically want gender to work IRL the way it does in Dwarf Fortress.

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I think a lot about how rural rage makes a lot of sense and how leftists are really fucking up by giving up on rural areas.
But then the leftists I know living and working in rural red areas have been called 'far right sympathizers' because they're in it for the long haul changing people's minds and doing solidarity work rather than...just argue with people. Be their neighbor. Work with em. Live with em. Be in community.

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I need to know:

If you consider yourself neurotypical (like you don't suspect you have asd, adhd, bpd or anything in the spectrum), do you enjoy small talk?

Playing around with exporting for VR with Godot tonight; just for fun, nothing serious. Surprised and impressed by how well-documented and straightforward this was. <3

Note: pretty sure my injury was more DeSantis's rollout policy than the vaccine itself. (I had to go to a drive-up clinic and wait 2 hours outdoors in 100 degree weather. And I'm in a high-risk group due to EDS.)

Trying to fill out my follow-up for the vaccine injury report. Has anyone else in the US filed one or had any results come of it? (Still not sure what happened, only that I lost a month of my life from it. >_< )

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Being bipolar means routines are one of the main focus for stability.

I've tried, abandoned, and tried over again many routines but nothing sticks with me. Either I get triggered and go in a new phase and let go of my prior stability, or it's a routine a bit too strong for the strength I have while living with CPTSD and OSDD.

So, I'm just asking this here because this instance has a huge amount of character per toot :

Do you have any app helping you managing your routine? Not something like habitica, but something with simple good simple visuals which helps you seeing what your week is going to be and easy to manage?

Thanks ~
If it works on both a /e/ phone and a computer that's definitely a plus.

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