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Taking a bit of a break from fedi while dealing with the vaccine and the associated fallout. DMs and mentions welcome, but it may take another month before I'm active.

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I basically want gender to work IRL the way it does in Dwarf Fortress.

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I think a lot about how rural rage makes a lot of sense and how leftists are really fucking up by giving up on rural areas.
But then the leftists I know living and working in rural red areas have been called 'far right sympathizers' because they're in it for the long haul changing people's minds and doing solidarity work rather than...just argue with people. Be their neighbor. Work with em. Live with em. Be in community.

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I need to know:

If you consider yourself neurotypical (like you don't suspect you have asd, adhd, bpd or anything in the spectrum), do you enjoy small talk?

Playing around with exporting for VR with Godot tonight; just for fun, nothing serious. Surprised and impressed by how well-documented and straightforward this was. <3

Note: pretty sure my injury was more DeSantis's rollout policy than the vaccine itself. (I had to go to a drive-up clinic and wait 2 hours outdoors in 100 degree weather. And I'm in a high-risk group due to EDS.)

Trying to fill out my follow-up for the vaccine injury report. Has anyone else in the US filed one or had any results come of it? (Still not sure what happened, only that I lost a month of my life from it. >_< )

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Being bipolar means routines are one of the main focus for stability.

I've tried, abandoned, and tried over again many routines but nothing sticks with me. Either I get triggered and go in a new phase and let go of my prior stability, or it's a routine a bit too strong for the strength I have while living with CPTSD and OSDD.

So, I'm just asking this here because this instance has a huge amount of character per toot :

Do you have any app helping you managing your routine? Not something like habitica, but something with simple good simple visuals which helps you seeing what your week is going to be and easy to manage?

Thanks ~
If it works on both a /e/ phone and a computer that's definitely a plus.

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Gets work erased by software issues on Linux.

Me: This is no good I’ll have to use Windows

Boots into Windows

Also me: How much of an issue is it really if all my work gets erased… 🤔

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Why does it cost so much to build things in America?

Researchers have ruled out some of the more obvious potential explanations for why these projects cost more in the US.

As transit researcher Alon Levy writes in a report for the Niskanen Center, “This is not about our wealth: there is no correlation between a country’s GDP per capita and its subway construction costs. Nor is it about geological factors: the biggest factor behind a project’s cost is what country it is in, and costs are fairly consistent even across different geologies ... This is purely institutional.”

And when it comes to roads and the bulk of the high costs — “the new construction bit” — Turner says even though he has “no idea why those prices are increasing,” he can “eliminate a lot of things.” Turner explains that common theories like unions or the way we’re building roads or where we’re building them (for example, in more urban areas) are not supported by statistical evidence.

Time is money, money is power, power is delaying transportation projects

h/t Shane D. Phillips / #UCLALewisCenter

#housing #construction #constructionCosts #NIMBY #NEPA #Obstructionism #VetoPower #TimeIsMoney #MoneyIsPower

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NEW VIDEO: Dealing With Chronic Pain (pt 1)

a video where I talk about what I do when the pain is bad

usual stuff, share about if you find it useful or know someone who will, comments on the video feed the algorithm and all that 💜

Instance back online after several days of downtime! Whew, self-hosting adventures.

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Just decided to go read the #gimp hashtag on Twitter. First result was a dude in a rubber suit tied to a tree. Seems to be a fetish day so there’s a few.

I’m shocked I tell you, I was lead to believe that such a mix up over the name has never and will never happen.

For the record I love Gimp, whatever its name, but Glimpse was a valuable addition to FOSS, because it would have helped people in places that have to remain rubber suit & electrode free. The flak the maintainers got was poor form.

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now there's a website:

The next solstice is Monday, June 21st, 2021. Maybe you should take a moment between now and then to list out what you're responsible for, so on Monday, you can announce that you're setting something down.

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I'm no techie, but if "major websites" are down then perhaps the problem isn't with the tech but with the fact that there's such a thing as a "major website"

There's no reason we all have to visit the same ten websites as each other every day, support the little guys

I like the way this place works, where there are lots of little sites and you can choose the ones you interact with, but they're all interlinked on a network, you know, like a kind of inter... net...?

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If you're looking for a weekly roundup of technical blogs on gamedev, this continues to be a great resource:

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@cadadr @setto @weirdwriter @rysiek @Liberapay @sjb

The creator of Liberapay actually opened this as an issue because they didn't want to just offer Stripe and Paypal. If people have better alternatives, Liberapay is literally asking you to tell them:

Apparently a big part of the problem is that almost no payment systems offer normal currencies globally, Paypal and Stripe are AFAIK the only two?

Most alternatives are only available in certain regions.

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IDK if I'll read all of this (it's long, the matter is clear by now, and there's a Sedat-drop to watch comments about) but the following is clear to me.

JK Rowling is rich af. She is a TERF. She is also a bootlicker to aristocrats and politicians. She is a "philantropist", i.e. a rich fuck that believes they are superior to poor wankers and throws money at problems that sound interesting to their superior existence with the expectation that those problems resolve in ways they favour, regardless of whether the outcomes benefit the lowlings they "help".

Philanthropy is a form of exploitation. It's a means to gain power and influence in a combination of ways. Some say it's a way to whitewash one's shitty past, e.g. in case of Gates etc., but no. Maybe a small part of it, but not all. Through philanthropy the rich establish power over the "beneficiaries". They buy direct and indirect influence. They launder money.

Rowling is a rich boot-licking TERF that sees every trans man as a woman lost to "the other side", and every trans woman as the soldier of an invasion force of men into womanhood. She sees the bodies of people, young people esp., as a battleground. Just like the kings and politicians think of their subjects as soldiers or workers that can be sorted into ranks, shaped into a picture, and spent as a resource. Her philanthropy is an investment in her perceived validity and relevance, and in her personal feelings maybe. Like the rest of philanthropy, it isn't about people.

Fuck the bones the rich throw at us. Fuck the rich, as well. Same with TERFs and those of their ilk.

Also fuck anybody with an aristocratic title in their name. Baroness? More like boring ass.

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