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Cat and I finally got handfasted at the beginning of the month. I can has wife and things are good.

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A substantial part of who I am has to do with polyamory, kink (as in bdsm), and just general feeling-emotional stuff I don't usually talk about here or my blog.

Usually the assumption is, it's private, it's my business, and folks don't care about that in general. It doesn't seem like a good fit for people who read my stuff, here or on the blog.

I'm wondering if this is true. What do you think?

#blog #writing #life #queer #lifestyle #technology

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Ok commissions are open for pixel art stuff! Reworked the page to make stuff clearer, starting from £5 for a simple avatar. All commissioned art is CCBY so you can use it how you like with credit.

Boosts appreciated!

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High school students driving big rig trucks while taking their remote classes during the pandemic to make sure your grocery store cereal aisle is stocked is a very boring dystopia.

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recommending again that everyone checks out Not Going Back To Normal, a pandemic-era anthology of disabled Scottish writing and art:

Restarting a writing habit is... hard. I'm two days and 1300 words into the new draft. Trying to take it slowly.

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climate, webdev, rant, looking for something else 

I hate my web developer job. No time for unit testing, no time for documentation, no time for creativity or nice algorithms.
Just use whatever trendy JS {front,back}end framework, ship high bandwidth, heavy, soulless sites in no time.
The mere consciousness of it from my colleagues are jokes between two crypto bs talks. The climate catastrophes ahead are literally a joke to them.
I hate that I contribute to this and I want out.

Does anyone here have experience going from this kind of job to a more engineering-focused, ethical one? Tips? Interesting reads? I'd love to hear about it!

Boosts are appreciated!

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Blink, and you too might find yourself suddenly having been acquired by Microsoft, which seems to be on a quest to own all of gaming.

...oh god(s) does Microsoft really own Sierra now? And all Sierra characters? This feels way too personal. >_<

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This weekend, I'll be playing and chatting about the games I worked on in 2021, joined by collaborators who worked with me on #HiveTime, #BatEgg, and Cloud Courier! It'll be at 2200 Saturday UTC - hope to see you there!

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So apparently Humble Bundle decided that it would stop supporting macOS and Linux in two weeks, leaving two weeks for people to download their game for those platforms, not getting updates for them anymore, and also shutting down ability to download from the site, forcing you to go through their new Windows only launcher.

So I'll take this opportunity to make a casual reminder that there is nothing humble about humble bundle anymore.

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the failure of renormalization 


What I fear is the damage done by trying to pretend and perform 'normal' without ever trying to address the traumas we've experienced.

The world has something in common to connect about emotionally, and society seems hell bent on creating a bubble where the utility in that dimmest of silver linings gets completely missed in the name of chasing a narrow vision of everything being 'OK'.

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the failure of renormalization 

The thread holding our society together is the belief that at some point, we can return to some previous status quo, and everything will go back to "normal"

I don't think that's going to happen.

I don't think an entire society can be as traumatized as we've been, and return to "normal"

Managed to get a friend to record dialogue for a tiny game I worked on last year; working on slicing it up without cringing at my own silly dialogue.

How do you feel about voice acting in narrative games? Boosts welcome.

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‘Programming is engineering; it's not something where you throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks’

The problem is that we have so much computing power compared to the old days, that this trend is only to get worst.

Low-tech computing could be a path to a more reasonable and optimised software development.

#bloatware #soydev

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Make an ML called OakML just to cause trouble.

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