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Cat and I finally got handfasted at the beginning of the month. I can has wife and things are good.

Cat and I finally got handfasted at the beginning of the month. I can has wife and things are good.

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Unpopular opinion: One should never call themselves an expat. Sure, it used to have a specific meaning, but nowadays, its meaning is just "privileged (white) immigrant".

Ever since I moved to Berlin, I made a point to call myself an immigrant, and it was surprising how many low-key racists got confused by that, as they preferred to call white immigrants expats to differentiate that from "the bad ones".

Note, you're not bad for calling yourself an expat, but it's worth a reevaluation.

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Carl Sagan Keynote Speech at Emerging Issues Forum (1990)

Dr. Sagan's 2/9/1990 address before the 5th Emerging Issues Forum at NCSU, broadcast live on NC Public TV. Sagan spoke at the invitation of former Gov. Jim Hunt, co-creator of the Forum. The speech begins at 6:12.

Thirty-one years ago, Carl Sagan (host of the original Cosmos television series, think of today's Neil DeGrasse Tyson) spoke on the risks and remedies of global warming and climate change. If you want to have some idea of what we knew and what was recommended at the time, and how many decades we've lost ... Watch and listen.

It's also worth emphasizing that this event was held in North Carolina, at the invitation of the governor of that state, something hard to imagine occurring today.

Though the Republican Party is revealed again as the party of denial opposed to science.

#GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #CarlSagan

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Apparently a server outage has temporarily bricked all tesla cars, as they rely on some internet data to operate.

While everyone's still talking about Snow Crash, a big part of the dystopia was the client server model where local machines were just dumb terminals for the cloud and couldn't do /anything/. It's an important enough feature for the book that it's the source of the title.

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What's your primary OS?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

I want to do NaNoWriMo so badly (novel languishing in revisions, could use a fresh draft), but... pressure really on with Ken's game this month.

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dad, medical, $ needed (boosts ok) 

My senile dad lost self awareness yesterday. He's gonna need a nurse 24/7 for at least a week until he regains consciousness. (And if he doesn't, we need to get him to the hospital. He's not insured)

My mom is over 70yo, diabetic, overweight and has a spine problem - she can't change his diapers. I need to work full time to be able to afford our already high expenses.

And nurses aren't free.

We need as much help as we can.

Please help by donating to . (Please make sure shipping address is set to "not applicable")

Anything, even 1 dollar will help. 🙏

Boosts :boost_rainbow: appreciated.

#mutualAid #transcrowdfund #helpneeded

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How is this Virtual Reality thing going to work for blind people? Here we are, valiantly trying to add image descriptions since blind people can't see those, while Facebook Meta goes like 'Zuck that, make everything images, all around, and moving, try captioning that!'.
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Wait, I thought people were talking about a meta because fedi discourse. How are we supposed to be judgemental if fucking facebook steals our euphemism? I am outraged.

Seriously, my social anxiety in the VR lobby of Facebook Connect was just as bad as it's ever been at an in-person conference. Combined with bad UX ("wait, they AUTOMATICALLY enabled my microphone, wtf, how do I make it stop"?).

My impression from VR sci-fi was always that a big part of the appeal of VR was creating a virtual world accessible to people with disabilities. Two hours into this keynote, and no mention of even the obvious accessibility issues being brought up.

oh god(s) "working in the metaverse" whyyyy please make it stop?

Congrats, Facebook Connect, on combining the worst things about in-person conferences with the worst things about virtual conferences.

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lookin for work [software dev or somethin] boosts appreciated 

hey what's up gamers one of my bosses is ghosting me so i am looking for work [sunglasses emoji]

I have a CV at and I am skilled with pretty much all the mainstream programming languages

I would like to be writing Rust for money but honestly I have rent to pay so, w/e

i am stuck in the UK for the next 2 years & i would like to work remote and my sleep pattern is Fucked so,, flexible hours? thank <3

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"This is a discussion that's going poorly, I know what will fix it, let's expand it to an immensely larger group of people!!!"

How often has this seemed emminently reasonable to you?

Boosts appreciated.

#MarketplaceOfIdeas #ConnectTheWorld #Conversation

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I really wish OSS communities would stop defaulting to Discord or Slack. Your software isn’t a lifestyle. I don’t want to live with the goddamn thing. I want a forum I can visit once in a while, not to take out an attention mortgage.

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(also, hi, fedi! have been fighting off severe depression and super-quiet lately. but all is well on gamedev front.)

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