Any voice actors on fedi? Auditions are open now until November 23rd for Summer Daze at Hero-U. There are 10 roles total (7 male and 3 female); pay is $200/session. Please signal boost. :)

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I feel some of my own experiences echoed here. Damon has good perception. "Tastemaker" isn't a word I've come across before, but it reflects and sums up something that I find deeply unhealthy about how contemporary culture prioritises discourse over individual taste/experience, particularly for games

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Designing; de-signing

If something is well designed, it should be more intuitive to use, and there require less explicit information ('signage') to use 🤔

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I started game development with processing, I've went back to it today because I needed a quick way to sketch out an idea.

And I just started digging into the stuff they've done in the 10 years since I last looked at it. It's pretty fucking impressive

What *most* impresses me is the accessibility stuff. Being able to not only get a readout of what's on screen, but an idea of what's happening on screen based on tonal information is fucking genius
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FLOSS quality and UX 

yes and no. ease of use and ease of support are part of the factors as to why a software is chosen.

if something is easy to use than the clunky alternatives AND trivial to access (e.g. servers are readily available and reliable) people will use it so much that companies will adapt. that is what happened with google docs and calendar...

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I think any artistic free-software tool *should* be doing likewise. There's a reputation that they're not as good as the proprietary competition, which this helps determine whether that's the case and how to fix it!

Pepper & Carrot certainly helps me take Krita more seriously than GIMP.

Perhaps thanks to this validation, Blender *is* competing successfully against first-mover Autodesk Maya for use in feature films, etc. I'll celebrate that!


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Think I'm gonna try to do #AdvXJam this year. I've never done something like this before, but I'm hopeful that I can hobble together something tiny in just two weeks.
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On modern versions of macOS, you simply can’t power on your computer, launch a text editor or eBook reader, and write or read, without a log of your activity being transmitted and stored.

somehow i suspect the apple fanboys are too stockholmed to care

Also: "Big Sir"? That has to be intentional trolling.

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The one silver lining of the new dystopian Mac OS release is that at least it isn't named after my girlfriend.

I've been refreshing myself on Godot to see if it's plausible to make an adventure game engine for my new project-- and continue to be stunned by how lightweight and usable this thing is compared to Unreal/Unity.

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I was going to wait for #showoffhour but that hour is always when I'm sleeping, and if there's a way to schedule toots, I'm not smart enough to figure it out.

Super stoked to be able to share Super Marxist Twins with the world! I've been working on it on & off and restarting development for over a decade. This iteration in Unity was started around 2 years ago, but finally there's a demo available to the public!


And... all the various news outlets are calling it. Joe Biden will be the next US president.

Managed to finish the first draft of the book I've been working on while distracting myself from doomscrolling the election results! XD

All the hot takes I could post about uspol today are redundant. Please remember to be kind.

This looks gorgeous and comes out this month. An atlas of real and fictional video game cities, from Rubacava to Sigil.

So far, having a good experience with @yunohost . I've run my own pleroma instance with a VPS before, but maintaining it was always a pain.

Migration from @cidney wrapped up, with followers migrated over. This is my second stab at self-hosting, but the first I've wanted to commit to.

First toot from my new self-hosted instance. I'll be migrating @cidney over here eventually.

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